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Our team is comprised of engineers specializing in aeronautics and computer sciences. Our goal is to use swarm technology to provide our clients with the precision and efficiency required for the success of their missions. 


Improving the Security and Defense Industries  

Drones, and most of all, swarms of drones are redefining the way defense and security operations are being performed. Over the past 5 years, we have performed countless hours of research and development, perfecting our patented swarm technology.

We specialize in flying drone swarms, providing security solutions to the French Special Forces, Marine Française, Armée de l'Air, RAID (French Elite Police), Thales, and Naval Group. Our technology is not limited to aerial drones, as we are currently working on Maritime and other solutions that can benefit from our swarming technology. Whether you're responding to domestic threats, or deploying to international battlefields, our goal is to increase your operational effectiveness. 



Icarus Swarms latest updates

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Press Release
Icarus Swarms and CERBAIR announce collaboration 

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Press Release
Icarus Swarms and Naval Group announce collaboration

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Magazine Article 
Radio Silence. Icarus' Swarming Architecture 

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